Introduction: How to Take Macro Pictures With a Camera (cheap and Easy)

first of all this is my first instructable so if there something not clear or so ask me.

let's get started,
in this instructable i will show you how to take macro pictures with a camera (or cellphone)
in a cheap way

what you need;
something to take pictures from (i use an old hard disk)
a camera (or cellphone)
a magnifying glass
some post its (got mine from Pritt)

thats all you need so lets do this

Step 1: To Start Off

take your camera and your post its
roll a post it till its a really small line.
place it on the camera and apply the magnifying glass
now put some pressure on it so it stays in place

Step 2: Close Up Mode

if your camera has a close up mode turn it on so you gt a litte better quality
if your camera doesn't have a close up mode don't mind it is not really super important

Step 3: The Pictures

now take the pictures
some hints:
in place of putting the camera close to the object you better zoom in cause else (at least in my case)
the camera won't focus.
if you zoom in to much you would better put the camera on a stand to prevent blurr

hope you liked my first instructable and if there are questions ask them in the comments