Introduction: IPad Stand From Pipe Fittings

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You can make this eye-catching iPad stand from irrigation-pipe fittings. By now it seems everyone has an iPad, a Kindle, or other eReader. Don't buy an expensive stand. Make one for yourself or for a friend. The material cost is only about $3.00! The stand works in either portrait or landscape orientations, and the tilt is infinitely adjustable from near-vertical to horizontal.

Once you have all of the parts, you can put this together in an hour. All you need is some way to cut the pipe. (Use a hacksaw or a pipe cutter.) There is no messy gluing; everything holds together by friction. Optionally, you can skewer the tilt mechanism with a bolt to add tension.

Step 1: Parts

4 Ls, $0.25 each = $1.00
4 Ts, $0.35 each = $1.40
24" of pipe, $0.33/ft =$0.66 (or 10' for $2.95)
Total: $3.06!!!
12" #8 Threaded Rod, $1.19
2 Wingnuts, $0.27 each = $0.54

  • The pipe and fittings are the standard "1/2"" size.
  • The pipe is so cheap, buy extra in case you goof.

Step 2: Cut the Pipe

Cut the pipe to the following lenghs:
3 at 33/4" (95 mm) (One is slightly larger in the picture, but I changed it.)
1 at 23/8" (60 mm)
4 at 13/8" (35 mm)

  • If the joints are loose make the 4 small ones larger.
  • You can cut the pipe with a hacksaw or other saw or with a pipe cutter. I use an inexpensive pipe cutter with a rolling knife edge; it's designed for cutting copper pipe. Other types will work, too.
  • Ts may differ in size (mine are 23/8" across). If yours are different, you may have to adjust the tube sizes.

Step 3: Assemble

Fit the pieces together, as in the picture -- loosely at first, then snug them up. (See the second picture.) If the joints are too loose, use slightly longer small pieces of pipe.

Step 4: Friction-fit Version

You are finished with the friction-fit version. Congratulations.

Step 5: Tension-rod Version

If you are worried about the iPad flopping over, add a tensioning rod. Cut a threaded rod to 61/4" (160 mm). The size should be 1/4" (6 mm) more than the platform width. (Your Ts may be different.) Drill a hole through the ends of the two outer Ts, push the cut rod through, and fasten with wingnuts.

Step 6: Portable

This shows the stand folded flat for transport.

Step 7: Enjoy

The finished stand is good for either portrait or landscape orientations. The prop can be tilted to any desired position. At any position, there is space below for the power cord. Also, there is easy access to the Home button and to the on-screen keyboard. Enjoy.

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