Introduction: IPhone Belt Holster

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I planned on doing a full Instructable for this, but in the process lost all the step by step photos. So heres a quick overview of the completed project with photos, along with a basic (and pretty terrible) diagram to help if you were interested in completing this project yourself.

Materials for this project were:

7oz Vegetable tanned leather
Heavy Thread
Leather dye (brown)
Copper Rivets

Obviously you'll need the necessary tools like a knife, punch (or drill) and hammer for the rivets, and a needle for your thread.

I used my iPhone wrapped in a thin sheet of cellophane to rough measure out the shape of the holster, cut large and trimmed later.

In the Diagram, the red lines are where I thinned the leather to make it fold easier and make a crease. The dotted green lines are stitching, and the yellow circles are the copper rivets. Again, it's crude, but its all I got!

Maybe one day I'll make another, and do a full step by step instructable. The second one is always better anyway! But until then, enjoy.