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Introduction: IPhone Belt Holster

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I planned on doing a full Instructable for this, but in the process lost all the step by step photos. So heres a quick overview of the completed project with photos, along with a basic (and pretty terrible) diagram to help if you were interested in completing this project yourself.

Materials for this project were:

7oz Vegetable tanned leather
Heavy Thread
Leather dye (brown)
Copper Rivets

Obviously you'll need the necessary tools like a knife, punch (or drill) and hammer for the rivets, and a needle for your thread.

I used my iPhone wrapped in a thin sheet of cellophane to rough measure out the shape of the holster, cut large and trimmed later.

In the Diagram, the red lines are where I thinned the leather to make it fold easier and make a crease. The dotted green lines are stitching, and the yellow circles are the copper rivets. Again, it's crude, but its all I got!

Maybe one day I'll make another, and do a full step by step instructable. The second one is always better anyway! But until then, enjoy. 

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    8 years ago

    Good question! What I did was soak the leather in warm water, put an iPhone sized item in the wallet and rubber banded it shut until it dried. After that, oil it with some neatsfoot oil and it should be good to go!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    The is very nice - I look forward to the full step-by-step.

    One question - how is the flap held down, is it just its own weight?