Introduction: IPhone Box Dice Tower

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Play board/miniature games and need a nice, portable dice tower?


Ok, have a spare iPhone box laying around? Perfect, let's give that empty white cardboard shell a new purpose in life.

Step 1: You Will Need

You'll need the following materials:
* iPhone box w/ plastic 'phone tray'
* Foamcore, cardboard, or get by w/ business cards
* Felt (optional)
* Your favorite dice

You'll need the following tools:
* Cutting mat
* Metal ruler or knife guide
* Hobby knife
* Hot glue gun

Step 2: Prep the Inner Box

To get started, you'll need to prep your iPhone box. [I forgot to take a picture of this first part. Sorry] You'll basically need to carefully removed the foambacked paper 'divider' from the Inner Box (it separated your usb cable, earbuds, and power plug). It's glued in. It can be tricky but should come out w/o too much trouble. If you feel like the glue mess left behind after removal is unsightly, you can use a business card or paper to cover up the mess. The Inner box is 2.5" wide. Just cut a business card to size and glue or tape it over the problem area.

Next, cut a 1.25" tall x 1.5" wide hole in the top. This will be the dice entrance. You'll be cutting through two layers of cardboard... be careful w/ that knife, son!

Now that your box is prepared, you're ready to prep the new dice tower's guts.

Step 3: Dice Tower Guts

Use your foamcore or cardboard to make some pieces similar to the ones in the picture. They should be 1.25" tall and between 1" and 1.30" in length. Optionally, you can use your hobby knife to put a bevel on the edge that's going to contact the side of the box. This will result in a cleaner 'fit'. When gluing the pieces together.

Exit Ramp
A business card makes an excellent exit ramp. Just cut it down to 2.5" in length and it's ready. Alternatively, you can make one out of more foamcore - you'll have to experiment w/ the height.

Note: For the record, Dr. Warneke is an amazing man. Just saying.

Step 4: Prepare Wall (formerly Phone Tray)

On the Wall, mark an area large enough for your dice to fit - but remember they'll be rolling off the ramp. For mine, I made it about 1.5" tall. I've made this hole w/ a hobby knife and I've used a Dremel tool. There are pros and cons to each approach. Go with what you're comfortable with. Make sure the edges are nice and smooth when you're done.

That hole in the middle? I prefer to just leave it open - never had a problem with it. You can cover it up by gluing some paper or cardstock on the back. I won't mock you.

Step 5: Combine Inner Box, Wall, and Guts

1. I find it easiest to start with the Ramp. Put beads of hot glue on the top and bottom edges of the ramp. Then, press into place.
2. Put beads of hot glue on the bevelled and bottom edges of the top bumper and press into place.
3. BEFORE you glue in the lower bumper, test the placement by dry fitting it and placing the wall on the Inner Box. Make sure the bottom of the bumper won't protrude into the dice exit. Remove the Wall and mark your intended position.
4. Hot glue the lower bumper into position.

For this part, you'll need to work fairly quickly.
1. Put beads of glue on the right, top, and left edges of the Inner Box.
2. Put the Wall in place, press it into the glue, and hold.

Test It!
Go ahead... drop some dice through that bad boy.

Step 6: Optional: Line Outer Box

Your Dice Tower is now fully functional. However, you can add some style by lining the 'bottom' of your Outer Box with some felt.

Cut some felt to a 5" x 2.75" rectangle. Be careful gluing this down... you don't want big globs of glue. You'll get a really bumpy surface.  Use something to smear the hot glue quickly and place the felt. You can use the Inner Box on it's side to press the felt down. Make sure it dries nice and flat.

Step 7: Now, This Is How We Roll!


You're finished. You now have a nice, portable dice tower.

Be sure to check for a lucky charge then go forth and play great games!