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You lack storage for your beads or jewellery and you received a box of chocolate for Christmas or Valentine's Day? That's perfect! Here is a little tutorial to show you how to fully customize your chocolate box and make it a pretty storage box for everything you want!

FRENCH VERSION : http://insolitis.com/tuto-boite-de-rangement/

Step 1: [ S U P P L I E S ]

( 1 ) CHOCOLATE BOX with plastic interior of honeycomb type.
( 2 ) DECORATIVE ADHESIVE, one shiny and the other velvet, in the colour of your choice.
( 3 ) SCISSORS classic.
( 4 ) RULER classic.
( 5 ) PENCIL classic.

Step 2: [ B a S E ]

( 1 ) First, clean the box thoroughly and remove all labels from it.
( 2 ) Then measure the dimensions with a ruler.
( 3 ) Transfer these dimensions with a pencil on the back of the adhesive as follows:
( 4 ) The dimensions of the entire box on the shiny adhesive and the dimensions of the bottom on the velvet adhesive.

Step 3: [ C O V E R I N G ]

( 5 ) Then cut out and glue the adhesive on the box, covering also the inside a little.
( 6 ) On the edges of the box, feel free to cut the adhesive when necessary.
( 7 ) Repeat steps (5) and (6) for the entire box except the bottom.
( 8 ) If bubbles appear under the adhesive, push them towards the outside of the box with your fingers.

Step 4: [ C U S T O M I Z I N G ]

( 9 ) Keep the scraps of adhesive left after covering the box.
( 10 ) Use these scraps to cover areas where adhesive may be missing.
( 11 ) Repeat step (3), transferring the dimensions of the bottom to the velvet adhesive.
( 12 ) The velvet adhesive applied under the box is used as a non-slip sole.

Step 5: [ F I N I S H I N G ]

( 13 ) Cut out the velvet adhesive.
( 14 ) Then, stick the velvet adhesive under the box by removing the bubbles.
( 15 ) If you wish to decorate the inside of the box, you can cover it by transferring its dimensions to the adhesive of your choice. For my part, I used the velvet adhesive again.
( 16 ) All you have to do is fill the box with what you want, beads or jewellery!

Step 6: [ E N J O Y ]

There you go, your beautiful storage box is finished!



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    27 days ago

    That gold contact paper looks super nice! Thanks for sharing your build!