10 Christmas Gift Pranks You Can Do on Family and Friends!

Introduction: 10 Christmas Gift Pranks You Can Do on Family and Friends!

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Although Christmas is a time to spend with family, a time to be happy and full of joy, sometimes is nice to pull a prank here and there especially since not many will be expecting them.

In this instructable I'm going to show you 10 simple pranks and booby traps you can set up on your loved ones. All the tools and materials used in this tutorial you can find at your local dollar store which is where I got them. *Before you go through the slides, I'd like to point out that the video tutorial will give you a better idea of how this pranks are executed, they all include a demonstration. **Prank at your own risk


For this prank you're going to need a large party popper, How these works is that you twist the bottom and the top will pop out launching confetti.

l What we're going to do is dress up that party popper with wrapping paper and try to pass it off as a gift. To make this booby trap a bit more explosive i'm adding some party snaps inside. This next step is key for this prank to be a success and that is to put a label on the bottom of the party popper that says they must twist the bottom to open it

The top of the popper is lose which makes it easier to launch the conffetti. So simply stick a bow on top and now your victim wont be able to notice a thing until they attempt to open it.



This second prank is for you cheapskates out there that give out Holiday Cards instead of real gifts, yeah you know who you are, Well anyway once you have the right card for that special someone, it's time to booby trap it and for that you'll need a straw and an ear plug with a string tied to it.

Make a couple of holes on the bottom edge of the card, suck up some liquid inside the straw and jam the ear plug underneath to keep it from leaking out. Tape the straw on the crease of the card then run the string out through hole and bring it back in through the other hole. With the card slightly opened, Staple the string to the opposite end of the card so that when it's opened completely the poor bastard who opens it will get their crotch wet, so make sure and get creative as to what you put inside the straw.


Alright now lets frustrate someone with the following prank, basically take a christmas box and build it. I bought a really long plastic table cover and inside I taped one side all around it till both sides meet. In the center place the gift and continue taping the plastic table cover. Using staples is much easier. Once you get to the very end, attach it to the box cover and place it on.

When they open it they'll have a hard time getting to the gift, especially if its a small one like a pair of socks. Haha!


This is another frustrating prank, first get your victims gift and place tape over the flaps, this will add to the frustration.

Use a glue stick and apply adheseve on each side of the box and as you cover it with glue begin wrapping the gift one side at a time till you have completely cover it.

Once dry the wrapping paper will be super hard to tear off and who ever tries opening that present will have a hard undoing the gift wrap.


I really like this next gag because it's so simple to set up, lets say you bought someone a box of cookies for christmas well open them and eat them because you'll only need the container.

Its preferably that it's a tin can like this one. Basically what you're going to do is spray the inside with the most disgusting liquid you can find, something that really stinks. Put the lid on, make sure it's super snug so it traps that horrible stench inside until christmas morning when its opened. Yuck!


If you're going to give someone a gift inside a bag like this one, Lets booby trap it, Here's how... Start by cutting an opening on the bottom of the bag, Place it on the desired spot under the christmas tree then simply fill it with anything you want.

I for example am using cereal, the smaller the better. Just close up the bag with a piece of tape and that's it. Someone will eventually pick it up and will be left to clean up that mess.


Another way to make a similar mess is to booby tap a wine bottle gift box, this one was just perfect for that because the top was attached with a little rope that also acted as a handle. The best part was that the bottom cardboard could easily pop up so heres what I did. I got a piece of string and tied a knot on one end, which I stapled on to the cardboard I removed.

I put the cardboard back inside, pulled out one side of the rope because thats the side I tied the piece of string to.

Last step was to fill the gift box with something that would make a big mess and what better than oatmeal. Check out the video for a funny demo of this prank!


This next prank, they wont see coming. You'll need about 4 small party poppers like these, basically you're just going to remove the noise makers from each one. Staple one per side on a small gift box with the strings sticking out. Once all 4 are attached. Join the strings together and run them through a hole you need to make on the box cover.

Staple the strings to the top of the box like so, use more than one staple to make sure the strings wont pull off.

Lastly slap a bow on top to hide the strings and it will look like a normal christmas gift until its opened of course.


For this booby trap you'll need a medium size gift box and a balloon. Fill up the balloon with water, I added kool-aid to make things more interesting.... Put the balloon inside the box but leave it untied, just trap the tip between the box and the cover like this. Thats it, just leave it under the tree.

Step 10: PRANK TEN

Place a piece of wrapping paper under a plastic container. Fill that container with water or what ever you want then wrap it as if it was a gift.

Place a bow underneath to make it seem like the present is upside down and when it gets picked up a huge mess will follow!


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