10 Ingenious Bread Clip and Twist Tie Life Hacks

Introduction: 10 Ingenious Bread Clip and Twist Tie Life Hacks

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Are you tired of bread clips and twist ties cluttering up your house and ruining your life? Well, check out over 10 ingenious ways to use these everyday household items to your advantage.

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Step 1: A Bread Clip Makes a Great IPhone Charger Holder

With a ball of putty and a bread clip, you can easily create a holder for your iPhone charger and put it virtually anywhere you need.

* I used a small ball of blue poster putty and rolled it into a tube to match the length of the bread clip.

* Press it down on any flat surface and it’s strong enough to hold an iPhone charger and probably any phone charger.

* Alternatively, you could also apply the putty to the bottom of a small Lego figure as their hands are the perfect size to hold the cable.

Step 2: Have Two or More Keys That Look Alike?

Easily identify your keys by adding personalized bread clip tags.

Step 3: Having Trouble Finding the End of the Tape Roll?

Just stick a bread clip to the end and never struggle again.

Step 4: Tangled Cords?

Wrap your phone charger cords up with a bread clip for easy organization.

Step 5: Rubber Bands a Mess?

Organize your rubber bands with a bread clip for easy access.

Step 6: Lost a Screw in Your Favorite Glasses?

You can use the metal frame from a twist tie to fix your glasses. Strip away the paper and insert the end of the twist tie into the arm and main frame of the glasses. Tightly wrap around the hinge several times for a secure fit.

Step 7: Loose Zipper?

If you have a stubborn zipper that keeps unzipping, a twist tie is a simple solution to this problem.

*Insert a twist tie through the hole in the zipper and twist the end tightly to secure it to the zipper.

*Button your jeans.

*Zip up the zipper.

*Take the other end of the twist tie and wrap it around the button.

Step 8: Earbuds Keep Falling Out?

Use twist ties to hang them from your ears. Not only practical, but also fashionable.

This life hack is kind of a joke and probably not very fashionable, but I was surprised how well it actually worked.

Step 9: Lost the Hooks to Your Christmas Ornaments?

Twist Ties are perfect for hanging ornaments. If you don’t want the paper look, you can just strip that off the twist tie for an authentic metal hook appearance.

Step 10: Do You Like Curly Pencil Toppers?

Twist Ties are fun to sculpt into shapes and make great curly pencil toppers for your Minions themed pencils. They will also work on other themed pencils.

Step 11: How to Make Twist Tie Action Figures

Do you really need this tutorial? ;)

Action figures made from twist ties is actually very fun and a simple google search result turned up some pretty amazing pieces of art…mine was not included.

* You need to have roughly 5 or more twist ties to make a basic and sturdy stick man.

* Make a loop for the head with some room on the ends left over to connect to the body.

* You can make a body piece by itself or take two twist ties and connect them to the head. Twist them together however you want, but the two twist ties will also become the two legs.

* You can use one twist tie across the body for the arms or use two twist ties for the arms.

* Take another twist tie to make a sword or a light saber.

* Make a second action figure for months of pure entertainment!




Step 12: More How to Videos!

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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago

    Seriously, the roll of tape thing made me jump up & start hunting for stray bread clips! I always fold the end of the roll over, so there's no hunting next time, but it does waste a small amount of tape. Great ideas!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I'm gutted! Here in the UK they have stopped useing these handy little clips on our bread......why didn't I save them?........lol


    5 years ago

    I love these simple little hacks! Thank you for sharing your ideas.. I'll never throw another bread clip away again!