10-Minute Christmas Tree

Introduction: 10-Minute Christmas Tree

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Dress up an entrance hall, patio, porch or space in your home with this 10-minute Christmas tree. The basic frame is made of PAR pine and butt hinges and is quick and easy. Once finished you can dress with colourful LED lights and a few sparkly ornaments.


3 of 10 x 44mm x 1800mm PAR pine
3 butt hinges
12 of 10mm screws
Drill/Driver and PZ1 bit LED lights
Dremel glue gun

Step 1:

1. The Christmas tree measures 1,8 metres high, so no cutting is required. Simply attach the 3 PAR pine sections using a butt hinge and 10mm screws.

Step 2:

2. Use a glue gun to apply a bead of glue along the perimeter of the frame for wrapping the lights over the front and around the edge of the frame. For more holiday craft projects visit http://www.home-dzine.co.za.



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