3-Ingredient Gingerbread Ice Cream




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This was an experiment I made out of three ingredients. Whipped cream, condensed milk and gingerbread.

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Step 1: Tools

×5 dl (2.1 cups) of cream
×a tin can of condensed milk, 2 dl (0.8 cups)
×20 pieces of gingerbread or more!

×A bowl
×Electric mixer
×Bread form
×4 hours of time in feeezer

Step 2: Whip Cream

Fill the bowl with 5 dl (2.1 cups) of cream and whisk them with an electric mixer.

After give some to your dog!

Step 3: Condensed Milk

Add a tin can of condensed milk, about 2 dl (0.8 cups). Mix it around with a spatula.

Step 4: Gingerbread

Crush 20 pieces or more if you like, into the bowl. Mix it with the spatula.

Step 5: Store

Fill the ice cream into a bread form. Put some gingerbread crumbs on top. Store it in freezer for 4 hours minimum to make it hard ice cream.

Step 6: Done!

After 4 hours of freezer time it's done!

Step 7: Bonus

The other day I did the same recepie exchanging gingerbread to blueberries.

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    7 Discussions


    2 years ago

    This looks like a simple addition for my Christmas dinner this year.


    3 years ago

    Made this last night as per the instructions. After stirring with all ingredients added, i didnt quite think it was going to turn out as pictured above. 5 hours later i had some very tasty ice cream that looked almost identical to yours. Thanks for sharing!

    1 reply
    KackerlackaEllie B

    Reply 3 years ago

    1 gingerbread cookie fits in my palm, don't really know the measurements. Weighs about 5 grams.