3D Printed Toothbrush Holder

This is a cheap and easy DIY project for anyone with a 3D printer! It's a simple, sanitary wall mount to help keep your bathroom clean!

Step 1: 3D Modeling

I made these toothbrush mounts using tinkercad, an easy online 3D design program. There are six different models for you to choose from, depending on how many toothbrushes you would like to mount.

Step 2: Print It!

I used repetier and slic3r (both free on the internet) to prepare my model for 3D printing. The small nail holes in the sides tend to get filled in quite easily while printing, so I would recommend turning the extrusion multiplier down by about 0.5 (Slic3r/Filament Settings/Extrusion Multiplier/).

If you don't have a 3D Printer, Don't worry about it! You can order any model to be printed at 3d Hubs!

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    2 years ago

    It's so nice and organized!