3D Printer in Pocket

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A real big 3D printer can never be entered in you pocket. If you can use a pen as 3D printer? Can you use? Answer will be yes, because now we have 3D pens. Let's make a 3D pen.

Note: the main 1st picture's 3D pen is not real, a miniature 3D pen.

Step 1: Required Things

You will need heating chamber and filament. You will also need a body to fit them.

Collect these things-

Option 1:

1. Aluminium can

2. ABS filament

3. Cardboard, many and many

4. Hot glue gun

Option 2:

1. Hot glue gun

2. ABS filament

Option 3:

1. Hot glue gun

2. Glue stick

3. Rubber band(optional)

Step 2: Option 1

Follow my video to deign. If you can take the filament through the nozzle once, it may go until the nozzle becomes cold.

Note 1: Keep pressure on the filament

Note 2: Heat by fire candle

Step 3: Option 2

Though, I may not to tell anything, I have given just a description.

Take the hot glue gun and insert the filament instead of glue stick. You must need a mini glue gun for this. Or, it will not fit in your pocket!!

Step 4: Option 3

Do you know that hot glue gun is a 3D pen itself. Just print with glue(must be a mini hot glue gun). You can add a rubber band like the picture.



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