3D Printed Fan Rainbow.



Introduction: 3D Printed Fan Rainbow.

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Fan Rainbow.
A very simple model.

This model is easy to print and assemble.

How to achieve this effect?
Consider the process of the points.

Step 1:

1. Drawing the body and button fans.

You can create designs in the program 123D Design, SketchUp or other.

I created this model in the program 123D Design.

Step 2:

2. Load the model in the slicer and set print settings.

To the bottom and the lid of the fan to get a "Honeycomb", put "0" in the Top and Bottom.

As well as select fill percentage. I have 20%.

Step 3:

3. Print six or seven different color blades and fan button.

I use ABS filament in different colors.

Step 4:

4. Putting the fan.

Use a fan in hot days and will have the coolness!

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