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Introduction: 5 Minute Circle Center Finder Gauge

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This is my quick tool for finding the center point of a dowel or any small circle.

For the most part I'll use this to find the center of table legs so I can drill and install a threaded screw to attach to a mounting plate.

It works on the same principle of connecting the corners diagonally on a square board to find the center.

Tools required and materials required.

scrap wood

speed square

miter saw

table saw


nail gun

Step 1: Find Some Scrap Wood, Cutting a 45, and Cutting the Piece in Half

looking around my shop floor i found these two pieces of wood, the large piece will be used to cut the angles and the longer thin piece will be used as the center finder thingy

First throw your larger piece on your miter/chop saw and cut a 45 through the entire piece. Check your angle with something you know to be a true 45, like a speed square.

Then stick a tape measure on it width wise, and divide by 2, set your table saw fence to that distance and rip in half.

use a push stick cause you really need your fingers

Step 2: Checking for Fit, Glueing Up Support and Nailing on the Center Marker

lay your pieces down on your work space, and place your speed square down with them, line the pieces up on the 90.

look down and find a piece of scrap large enough to use to secure your two angled pieces together. I found some MDF and a place I need to sweep up later.

Glue your MDF to your angled pieces making sure no shifting occurs with your angle, and secure down with some nails. if you dont have a nail gun you can use clamps here.

Flip your piece over and do the same thing with your long straight piece of scrap, lay it down right on the center line of your two angled pieces, glue and secure down with nails.

Step 3: Testing Your Gauge

Find a piece of dowel, and start marking lines. The more lines you mark and the thinner your pencil point the more accurate your center point will be.

Hope this solves a problem for you around your work space. It certainly did for me

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6 years ago

This is so helpful thank you!!


6 years ago on Introduction

This is much better than eyeballing it. I'm a huge fan of scrap wood reuse for practical purposes. This would have been very helpful when I was trying to make a toilet tissue roll out of some wooden dowels for a weirdly-wide toilet paper dispenser.