5 Minute Coat Hook/ Desk Organiser

Introduction: 5 Minute Coat Hook/ Desk Organiser

This is a simple coat hook or desk organiser made from a ring binder folder.

What will you need?

  • Old ring binder folder
  • Cork board to mount the ring binder to
  • 5 push pins
  • 5 minutes

Step 1: Getting the Ring Binder

Take your old/ broken ring binder folder and take out the clips in the middle. You may need to use pliers or something to ease the clips from the folder. Mine was already broken so it was quite easy to slide the clips from their attachments at either end. Try not to bend the clips too much as it wont work as well.

Step 2: Attaching to the Cork Board

Simply put a pin through the hole at either end and I think it is a good idea to put three pins in the centre (as pictured) to help secure the binder.

Step 3: It's Ready to Use!

Now you can use it as a desk organiser, coat hook, or for anything really which can be hooked up!

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    5 Discussions

    Sooo simple! I like this, though I don't have a corkboard so I'll have to find another way to mount it. It's the simplest things that one never thinks of, so - congratulations, genius!!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea! I love seeing something that is recyclable being used! I will definitely be doing this in my work area! Thanks for sharing.