A Low Tech Lighter.


Introduction: A Low Tech Lighter.

A completelely pointless item, in all honesty;

A lighter made from a matchbox that allows you to strike a match using only one's thumb.

Step 1: Gather Your Parts and Plans.

You will need a old piece of wood,(the same thickness as the inside of a matchbox),
a matchbox,

and detailed plans.

Step 2: First Cut.

Mark out an area the size of the inner box.

Cut out that area.

Discard the inner box.

Step 3: Second Cut.

Roughly mark out an area using thirds as a guide.

Cut this out and we'll call it "part 1."

Step 4: Third Cut.

Cut out a matching piece.
But leave a gap the size of a match-head between the two parts,(SEE PHOTOGRAPH).

(The two parts when put together should be the size of the inner box.)

Step 5: Drill Hole.

Drill a hole ,in part 2, that just allows your match to be pushed in up to the head.

Step 6: Glue Things On.

Glue on a piece of sand-paper to the striking suface of part 1.

Glue some sand-paper on the back of part 2, to give your thumb some purchase and for aesthetics. (NOT ALL THE WAY ALONG,AS SHOWN; just the last third.)

Step 7: Glue in Part 1.

Cut a tab out of the side of the matchbox.

Glue part 1 in the matchbox.

Step 8: Assemble.

Slide part 2 gently in.

Hold matchbox as shown until some one asks you for a light.

Push thumb forward until it lights.

Rotate wrist until flame is upright.

Remove match and re-load.

Await the the unlikely event of someone else asking you for a light.




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    37 Discussions

    use the striking surface that u cut off instead of sand paper, i might work better, i dont know

    1 reply

    WOW! I will have to try this, even though I'm 12 and know that smoking is terrible, I think I am going to try this lighter just to see it work! One thing that might be cool would be to have a compartment that holds matches, that would be cut into part 1 Very nice, +1

    12 replies

    im 12 also and i want zippo but this will do in the mean time till my uncle comes to visit but i totally agree with you on the first bit some 11 year olds were caught smokin in our school ,dumb asses thats what they are

    im 13 and i gots like so many zippos cause i no this 22 y.o. ex-cop who buys em. 4 me. i got into trouble tho for smokin weed and cigs. DONT SMOKE POT!!! U WILL GET DRUG TESTED AND IT WILL COME POSITIVE AND YOUR PARENTS WILL KILL YOU!!! although it is pretty fun..

    Im 12 too and wot about drillin a type of hole i cm diameter in part 1 and keep say 10 matchs in there? I dont smoke either

    PS I loooooooove the name: you kno: LOW TECH..... Lighter It really made me laugh ill tell my friends ill give you five stars

    Way to show your "Maturity" Ps. im 13 now.