ABOK 779 - Double Wall Knot

Another attractive two strand knot. Suitable for lanyard, key ring fob or zipper pull

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Step 1:

Fold cord in half to form bight. Bring right hand end (A) under two strands.

Step 2:

Bring left hand end under (A), then over two strands and through the bight.

Step 3:

Shift right side of loop (A) over to the left.

Step 4:

Now bring right hand end over to the left.

Step 5:

Then down, going under one strand.

Step 6:

And up through the bight.

Step 7:

Flip the knot over.

Bring strand "B" over to the left, going under one strand.

Step 8:

Then bring same strand up through the double bight,

Step 9:

Grab the opposite ends and pull to tighten.

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