Adorable Polymer Clay Mice




Introduction: Adorable Polymer Clay Mice

About: I'm inspired by nature and I love to see what I can create! Check out my Youtube channel for full videos, or my Instagram @theartfulbirder for sneak peeks and progress pictures!

Required materials:

*Polymer clay in white, black, grey, pink/tan, and red.

*Sculpting supplies: ball tipped tools, tooth pick, cutting tool.

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Step 1: Shape the Body

*Grab a small amount of clay in the colour you want your mouse to be.

*Roll into a ball using the palms of your hands.

*Gently roll the middle of the ball between your thumb and middle finger so the ball becomes oblong with larger ends.

*Press one end of the clay on the table so that it is now flat. This allows your mouse to stand up.

*Gently shape the other side of the clay to a pointed slightly elevated tip, this will be the face of your mouse.

*On the flat side, but facing the same direction, pinch out two small knobs. These will be your mouse's legs.

*Smooth all edges so that you don't see any creases or unwanted bumps.

Step 2: Create Eye Sockets

*Using one of the ball-tipped tools, gently press into both sides of the face where you want the eyes to go.

Step 3: Add Eyes

*For the white mice, I gave them dark red eyes so they will appear albino. If you want you can also use a different colour for the eyes.

*Grab a small amount of polymer clay and roll into a tiny ball by rolling it on the table in circles with a finger.

*Place one eye into each socket towards the front of the hole.

Step 4: Complete Eye Details

*Using the ball tool, gently roll/scrape the clay and edges of the eye socket towards the eye ball so that the hole is now filled but you still see the ridge. This allows the eyes to stay nice and rounded and gives the proper shape.

*Using a cutting tool or tooth pick, take a very small amount of white and place it on the eye. This is the "light" detail in eyes. Make sure to place it in the same area on each eye.

Step 5: Add a Nose

*I used a pink/tan mixture of polymer clay for the nose.

*Grab a small amount and roll into a ball.

*Gently press the nose to the tip of the face.

Step 6: Add Arms Holding Candy Cane

*To create the candy cane, roll out two long "logs" of polymer clay, one in red, and the other in white.

*Place these two logs together and twist around one another.

*Roll these two pieces together, this will make it so the edges are now flat.

*Roll out tan/pink clay, and cut to desired length.

*Take one piece and attach to the body from the side/middle area and press in place with the end of the arm finishing around the mouse's belly.

*Take the candy cane clay and cut off a small segment. Bend the end so it looks cane shaped.

*Place the candy cane on top of the first arm.

*Take the second arm and place from the other side of the mouse, with the end of the arm landing on top of the candy cane. This will make it look like your mouse is holding the candy cane.

Step 7: Create Ears

*Using the same tan/pink clay roll out two small balls that are the same size.

*Press down to flatten.

*Gently pick up and place on your thumb and index finger on your non-dominant hand.

*Using a tooth pick, or similar shaped tool, press along one with the tool going between your fingers, so the clay now dips down.

*Pinch your fingers together so this closes the gap, but also looks like an ear canal.

*Gently position and place the ears on the mouse.

Step 8: Add a Tail

*Roll out a small amount of tan/pink clay.

*Gently position from the bottom of the mouse and curl a few times with the tail ending on the mouse's back.

Step 9: Bake

*Polymer clay needs to be baked.

*For the Sculpey clay I used, set oven to 275 degrees and bake for 15 minutes per 1/4 inch of clay.

*Place on tin foil, and cover with foil as well.

*I baked mine for 30 minutes as they were ~1/2 an inch wide.

Step 10: Arrange and Enjoy!

*I made a total of 22 to give as gifts this year.

*Together they look like an adorable little army!

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    2 years ago

    Your work is creative and attractive, love what you do.


    2 years ago

    I love them! I will have to see if I can do this. Your pictures and descriptions look easy to follow so I am hopeful. Thanks.