Introduction: Aero-pot

This is my first instructable.
I've wanted to try hydroponics for a while but i lack space for a full setup, after googling a lot i decided on trying Aeroponics.
I ended up purchasing an "Aero-pot Portable aeroponic heated propagator" from Happy-hydroponics on ebay

I purchased 2 aero-pots as a friends wanted one too, this instructable contains the unpacking of the packages that arrived with 2 aero-pots, and the general setup.

I've published it so it's available for all, i will update once I've got used to using it.

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Step 1: Unpacking

The aero-pot arrived in a normal brown box.

The box contained
2x Domes
2x Aero-pot buckets (5 Litre bucket Approx Dimensions: 226mm (dia. top), 198mm (dia. bottom), 193mm (height))
2x 8 hole aero-pot lid
2x Bag of bits

Step 2: Bag of Bits

The each bag of bits contained
8x 5cm Mesh pot
260g clay pebbles
24v 1A UK AD/DC power adaptor
Zinc Alloy Mist maker and instructions
Aero-pot Instruction sheet

Step 3: Mist Maker Setup

This is where i did things differently to the instructions as it made it easier.

I put the mist maker in the pot making sure the white ceramic atomising disc is facing up.
I threaded the mist makers power cable through the hole in the side of the aero-pot.
Then pushed the bung in the side so it was water tight.
Now i filled the bucket with about 2 litres of water until the mist maker has 2.5- 3.5cm of water above it.
I adjusted the position of the mist maker so that it's in the centre of the bottom of the aero-pot bucket.

Step 4: Switching On

Now connect the mist maker to the ac adaptor and power on.
it should start to mist, leave it on while you do the next steps.

Step 5: Final Setup

Fill the mesh pots half full with the clay pebbles
Unplug the mist maker

Fit the aero-pot lid on to the bucket.

Put the mesh pots in the holes

Plug the mist maker back in and you should hear it.

Put the dome on the top

Step 6: Planting in the Pots

I then followed the guide in the aero-pot for planting cuttings and seeds.

Breifly here is what I did for some seeds
  1. Get some cotton wool 
  2. Make a small ball just big enough to fit the seed and wrap the seed in the ball
  3. place the cotton seed ball into the pot
  4. fill the pot to the top with clay pebbles

Step 7: After About an Hour of Running

After a few hours of running it should look like this, if not adjust the water level.

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