Aerodynamics Effect on Distant Experiment

Introduction: Aerodynamics Effect on Distant Experiment

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Does aerodynamics affect the distant traveled by an object. Here's a SIMPLE EXPERIMENT to solve this problem.

Aim: Does aerodynamics affect the distant traveled by an object.

Manipulated Variable: Paper plane used.

Constant Variable: Starting point and strength used to fly each plane.

Responding Variable: Which plane traveled further.

My hypothesis is that aerodynamics help an object travel further.

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Step 1: How to Begin?

You need to make 2 paper planes. There's tons of videos on the Internet to making paper planes. The first plane (mine was the green one) should be aerodynamically perfect. All the factors : lift, drag and weight should be there. The second plane (mine was the red one) should be more random and less aerodynamic.

Step 2: Get Started.

Choose your position and throw each plane after with equal strength.

Step 3: Observations

Take down the observations. I found out that the aerodynamic, green one had a smooth flight, landed smoothly and traveled a greater distance. The red, less aerodynamic plane had a rough flight and it flunked mid air and it wasn't really progressive.

Step 4: Conclusion

Inference : The more aerodynamic an object, the further it travels.

Conclusion : An object travels further when more aerodynamics is present.

My hypothesis that aerodynamics help an object travel further was proven correct. Yay.

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