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Introduction: Tattoo Gun

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In this Instructable I will show you how to make a cheap tattoo gun!
Just to let people know this is NOT my idea!!


Step 1: Matrials and Tools


Duct Tape

A Crest Spinbrush Pro ( MUST be the same )

Refill ink

Thinest 'E' guitar string

Mechanical Pencil




Step 2: Unscrew the Top

Unscrew the top of the toothbrush.

Step 3: Chop, Chop!

Cut the eraser in half. Get 3 inches of guitar string. Bend it at a 90° angle. Stick through the center of the eraser.

Step 4: Half Way Mark

Put the eraser into the tooth brush.

Step 5: Unscrew Cap

Unscrew the cap of the mechanical pencil. Put it onto the guitar string.

Step 6: Tape It

Tape duct tape around the end of the tattoo gun. Heat appliance helps it stay together. Cut the end of the string so its a point.

Step 7: Your Done!

Finished! Now go tattoo something... Thats NOT alive!!



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    To whomever uses this. I hope your enjoy the HEP C and MRSA that comes along with scratcher tattoos I know this site has allot of content and they can't always thin out the garbage but this should be common sense. If you are wanting a tattoo get it done buy an artist. Don't try to haggle with them about the price. You get what you pay for and a $50 is going to look like a $50 tattoo. So I leave you all with this image and hope it makes you think

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    i would advise against using a guitar string as a needle. they simply arent sanitary, Ive gotten an infection twice from a high e string poking me, and going under my skin. use a sterilized needle.

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    these wont be very good and they will fade but if your gonna do this DONT USE NORMAL PEN INK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THATS THE STUFF THAT KILLS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! use indian ink

    i made one like it. i  just took the brush off and put a guitar strig in an eraser. it works awesome.

    nice guns! hey upload your tattoos to when you have them done and taken a picutre!

    but the tattoos are permanent or temporarily, just like a hena tattoo?

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    Nice simple idea. I made it and I have been tattooing fruit all day! cheers, Mspark 400

    Tattoo needles are really cheap-$1-$3 dollars on the internet. Just cut to size. Better than a quitar string, and has a better point.

    i need help with knowing how to put the eraser in and then after i tape it up i still the string wont go up or down

    i would not suggest heating the tape and wrapping it around all the way in case the needle thing messes up u can change it faster