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Introduction: All-In-One Remote

With so many options for televised entertainment, it's tough to wrangle all the remotes in my life. I even bought one of those all-in-one remotes that does the job of 3 remotes, but that's not enough to capture additional remotes that aren't in the mainstream spectrum, like my gamepad and mouse, or any additional remote that I might need in the future.

I wanted a solution to solve all these problems and keep things organized. In this Instructable, I'll show you how you can take ANY number of remotes and make it into an all-in-one remote.

Step 1: Assess Remote Situation

After trying to keep things organized in a small wood box, it's clear my remote control count has reached saturation. With so much media at my fingertips, it's time to do something about it.

The look on the dog's face says it all: "Dude, get your controls together".

Step 2: Start Combining

Lay out all your controllers and arrange them with the one you use most in the middle, then stagger the remaining remote on each side of the middle remote in descending order based on usage.

Tear off a large strip of adhesive tape and begin binding the remotes together, trying to keep away from as many buttons as possible. It won't matter if you tape over a few buttons, since you have so many remotes there's bound to be redundancies.

Step 3: Netlix and Chill

Working like a champ, this all-in-one remote can handle any digital you could possibly want to watch.

  • Roku - you got it
  • Apple TV - yep
  • DVD player - oh yes
  • Terrestrial TV - sure
  • Chromcast - check
  • Satellite - no problem
  • Cable TV - heck yeah
  • Audio receiver - we got it covered!

Whatever your pleasure, this remote has them all in hand.

Step 4: Let the Good Times Roll!

With this configuration I've got access to all the regular remotes but also managed to squeeze in my gamepad for some quick video game action. No need to hunt for the remote that switches the TV over to play game, it's right in my hand. What a luxury!

Here's a close up of the remotes. The tape covering the buttons on one are easily covered on another remote.

Look how much less space they take up in the remote box now, perfect for storing a few extra items in there like a few extra mints, or a pencil to write down notes about the next great space saving idea.

Happy April Fool's :)



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    12 Discussions


    That is one of the most brilliant solutions to the common Remote Problem I have ever seen!

    Best idea ever, you should enter this in the pro tips challenge, I would totally vote for this.

    Matt M

    4 months ago

    The perfect solution to this problem!

    Super cool and so useful, great ingenuity!!

    Amazing, never seen a better project!!!

    I made it!

    However, I decided to turn the usefulness up to 11 by adding a cordless drill and hair dryer. I'm sure no one can beat this, it is truly an epic design of awesomeness!



    Awesome use of duct tape!

    I read the username but saw he had pictured a controller i have several of and read anyways. Got me, ever against my forst instincts. gg