Alternate Plug Holder

Introduction: Alternate Plug Holder

I am truly amazed by the power & simplicity of Sugru. Before Sugru I have experimented with many materials. All had some challenges like messy to handle, unusually long time to set, limited life, venerable to heat etc. Sugru has solved all my problems.
This instructable is my entry to Sugru contest.

Step 1: Background

Number of electronic gadgets in our life has been increasing over time. Every gadget requires a socket to power them up. All the sockets in my home are used up and I have to keep shuffling between the plugs and messy wires to use common electrical socket.

Two prominent plugs that I have to deal with are one that charges my Cellphone and the other that Charges my Laptop.And, since not both are required to be always available, I misplace one them and have a hard time get it back in socket.

Step 2: Solution

With Sugru, I came up with a very simple solution. I made a simple Plug holder that was attached to electrical board. I call it "Alternate Plug Holder" (APH).
There were basic requirements for APH
1. It should attach to the electrical board.
2. Take enough weight of Plug & wire.
3. Design to hold any (almost) type of plug.

Sugru allowed me to design what I wished to achieve ..... easily.

The electrical board now had the provision to hold two plugs. One that was being used and the other alternate one that is readily available to use.

Finalist in the
Sugru Contest

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, thanks.
    This version is for one plug. I have now made a series of these hacks.