Amazing Life Hacks for Lazy People




Introduction: Amazing Life Hacks for Lazy People

This this about some of the useful life hacks that will make your life easier! Enjoy

Step 1: How to Open Chips Usefully

Step 2: Make a Small Hole in the Middle of the Chip

Make sure that you make the hole on the front side of the chip.

Step 3: Rip the Wrapper by Rolling It in a Circle

You can decide the size of the hole by yourself.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Chip!

Step 5: Open the Bag

Step 6: Roll the Wrapper Up

Roll it up so that up can easily reach the crackers

Step 7: Enjoy Your Snack!

Step 8: How to Make Waterproof Shoes

Step 9: Prepare a Candle

Rub the candle to your shoes

Step 10: Prepare a Hair Drier

With the hair drier, dry the candle using hot heat.

Step 11: Wear Your Shoes in the Rain

Remember that it is not permanent. Renew the waterproofing ability once in a while

(Fig. 1)

Step 12: How to Make Your Drinks Cold Fast

Step 13: Prepare a Tissue and Your Drink

Step 14: Make Your Tissue Wet With Water and Wrap It Around Your Drink

Step 15: Put Your Drink in the Fridge

Your drink will be ready in less than 15 minutes!

Step 16: 5 Computer Hacks You Must Know

(Fig. 2)

(Fig. 3)

Step 17: Did You Accidentally Delete Your Tab?

Step 18: Did You Make Any Changes You Regret?

Step 19: Did You Change Your Mind About Undoing Your Change?

Step 20: Do You Want to Print Something You See Now?

Step 21: Are You Tired of Erasing Letter by Letter?

Step 22: How to Keep Your Earphone Untangled

Step 23: Prepare a Double Clip and Your Earphone

Step 24: Simply Clip the String Part of Your Earphone and Rotate It

Step 25: Bring It With You Untangled!

Step 26: How to Not Be Late to School

Use your cup to boost the alarm!

Step 27: Use This Video to Help You :)

This video contains...

1. How to open chips usefully

2. How to make waterproof shoes

3. How to keep your earphone untangled

Step 28: Image References

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    24 Discussions



    10 months ago

    Pile of old shite!... old hacks & useless.

    1 reply

    it was very cool and interesting defiantly going to do it

    My old boss used to say, "If you want something done quickly and efficiently, ask a lazy person." Words to live by...

    1 reply

    I do like the waterproof shoe!
    You may want to add in coloured wax but be careful test 1st. I like the short cut CNTRL+ Me, This is handy to be reacquainted with these short cuts. Chips great idea.

    Please keep tuned in for
    My how to make smoke and fire!
    Eat your heart out Les Strouds


    I use the h same technique for opening a packet of paper serviettes as that of the chip packet - stops the serviettes from falling all over the place or flying away on a windy day.

    I liked the idea about protecting shoes in wet weather.


    2 years ago

    Loved the part about "using hot heat" :)

    1 reply

    Thanks for explaining

    This would be more suitable for a party perhaps? Maybe not your day to day activities. Would save on washing a bowl and having to fight over getting your hand in a bag of chips.

    Other than the fact that I've heard of all of these before, I don't see anything "lazy". When I first learned these, I thought they were pretty clever... (I'm not critisizing)

    I think people use the word "lazy" instead of "efficient" sometimes... :)

    Hahahaha cool :)