"And It Was All Yellow"


Introduction: "And It Was All Yellow"

About: Freerunner, Tricker, self-proclaimed geek, lover of anything with wheels and an engine, maker, DJ in-the-making.

My entry to the Colors of the Rainbow contest :) Really my first attempt at good photography XD 

Shot on my mom's Coolpix L100



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    Hey well done, Have a look at my entry for the LED contest

    I will definitely vote for this ible when the voting period starts

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    Thank you too, and maybe you can leave a rating and maybe a comment on the ible, Thanks a lot again, and thanks for telling that you will vote

    Additional bonus points for good photography will be given when the timestamp is removed from the pics. :-D These look great, though. Somebody had a creative Memorial Day weekend. (Unless you're submitting from somewhere outside of the US, in which case someone had a creative weekend.)

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    Haha! I need to get editing software still ;)

    Thank you! Haha, it was a good memorial day weekend!