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You might have found this in your hotel room and didn't know how they did it. It's about animals made out of towels. Today: the elephant!

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Step 1: Materials Required

Only two towels! A bath towel and a hand towel.

Step 2: The Body and the Legs

Roll up the bath towel from both sides, meet the rolls at half, and bend it like in the picture (with the rolls out). That would be the body and the legs of the elephant.

Step 3: The Head

Take the hand towel, lay it down, and fold the lower corners - til they meet at half.

Step 4: The Head - II

Now roll the diagonals produced until their tops meet at half as well.

Step 5: The Head III

Pick it up, turn it, and flip the top part a little bit over as the peaks will form the ears. You are done!

Step 6: Attach the Head to the Body

You don't need any safety pins to attach the head to the body. It will stay easily.

Step 7: Make It "alive"

For a better visual effect, add a pair of glasses and... you are done! Surprise your family members!

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Hi I'm from Ecuador. Your instructable is very funny! LOL!!!!