Assassins Creed Paper Hidden Blade

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"Nothing is true, Everything is permitted." I bet most of you have played Assassins Creed and I know you guys would have pretended to be an assassin but why not actually be one with my paper Secret Hidden Blade.

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Step 1: Things Needed

A4 paper
Double sided tape
A little cardboard

Step 2: The Blade

Take a piece of paper and fold it into a long rectangular shape. Than give it a cut to make it look like a blade.

Step 3: The Body

Take a 2nd piece of paper and fold in to a long cuboid shape.

Step 4: The Most Important Part

Take a piece of small cardboard and fold in to L-shape and stick it on the blade. Later insert the blade into the body. Placing the blade into the body (See the picture)

Step 5: The Hand

To make the part that we put on our hands, all you need is to fold it into a big but short cylindrical shape.

Step 6: Finish It

Stick the hidden blade on the cylinder part. Then you're done.

Step 7: How It Works

The L-shape piece is used to slide the blade from the body that's why you need to cut the middle part of the body. So my instructable basically uses a simple sliding mechanism to work. It looks exactly like the hidden blade from assassins creed and all you need is paper.

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