Awesome 30 Seconds Soda Can Tab Earrings




Do you want cheap, easy, green jewelry that you can make in about 30 seconds? Look no further!

I've been making soda tab bracelets for a while now, (link on last step) and I figured that it takes a while to save up enough colored tabs to make a whole bracelet- why not just make the bracelet with lanyard, and then make a pair of earrings to match with two colored (or regular) tabs?

These earrings go well with anything, and they make a great present your friends will love! 

Step 1: Materials

All you need to make a pair of these awesome earrings is....

Needle nose pliers
Two soda can tabs (opt.- colored tabs from energy drinks)
Two earring hooks

Step 2: Open the Ring

Now you need to use the pliers and open the ring at the bottom of the earring hook.

When you open the ring, do not pull one side from another, twist them so it will be easier and neater to close.

Step 3: Attach the Tab

Ok, now slide the tab onto the earring ring at the bottom. Make sure the front of the tab is the same side as the hook is on.

Step 4: Close the Ring

Now all you have to do is close the ring, and you've made your first earring!

Repeat these steps to finish the pair! :D

Step 5: Voila!

Now you're done! Show off these earrings, and make a matching bracelet to go with them =)



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    3 years ago

    Very nice. I am following you now. I also put it on face book. My niece will love these.


    7 years ago on Step 5

    You don't find sharp edges to be a problem?


    omg i love it! i bought a ton of those earring hooks but have no clue how to use them, now i can yay.