Awesome Key Holder for Your House Keys





Introduction: Awesome Key Holder for Your House Keys

I created this cool diy home decor accent that was pretty simple to make and the best part is it's functional. If you always misplace your keys when you get home then i have a solution for you.

Step 1:

Get a piece of wood, some metal hooks and a metal clamp, nail in three hooks at the bottom for your keys and one at the top so you can hang it. You will also need some paint, a mason jar, a screw driver and tape.

Step 2:

Cover the hooks and clamp with a plastic bag then paint over it.

Step 3:

After it drys, tape it up whichever way you like then paint a different colour on top.

Step 4:

Once it's dry, remove the tape and you should have a pretty awesome looking product.

Step 5:

If you like you can add a personal touch to it and inscribe it. I went with the word home.

Step 6:

Add some flowers, i made some cool fabric flowers from African kitenge fabric

Step 7:

And tadaa! you have a cool finished product. For more amazing stuff you can visit my site


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