Awesome UPS Costume (fast & Free)



First step is to dress your child in all brown (what can brown do for you?)


Step 1: Step 2 - Finding the Logo

Next step is to cut the logo from "FREE" UPS boxes or large envelopes.  The first logo is duct taped to his shirt!

Step 2: Step 3

You need a great hat!  This one happens to be from Bush's Beans but wait to see how it works.

Step 3: Step 3 - Perfect the Hat

Get the largest logo for the hat to make yourself noticable.

Step 4: Final Step - the Candy Box

The last step is to cut a hole in that "FREE" UPS box to use for your candy.  This kid was such a hit tonight that houses were taking his picture.  It took us less than 5 minutes to create and was totally FREE.



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    Oooh, a UPS box as your candy collector is great! I love when candy bags blend in with costumes :)