BEST Hand Rails You Can Build at a Fraction of the Cost

When I went to Lowe’s and Home Depot to look at handrails, I was so disappointed! So I look for other options. Not only did I find another option that I like it was much stronger and much lower cost. I was also able to custom build it to fit my needs. The solution was not so obvious. Find the wood in the garden section not the wood section. And I certainly could not find in the hand rail section. Sometimes it pays to think outside the box. Hope you enjoy the Instructable!! :)

Step 1: Buying the Materials

If you want to put railings on your decking don't buy pre-made railings from Lows or Home-Depot they are way to expensive! Buy landscaping timbers that are WAYYY across the store in the gardening section they work great for the railing and there cheap!

Step 2: Building

To build this we will use 6in screws. To put the screws in we will use a impact hammer that was $40 at Harbor Freight and work great at getting these screws in.

Step 3: Finished!! :)

As you can see its to hard to build a really good looking railing for cheap!! :) Hope you enjoyed!! :)



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