Baby Bouncer USB Powered No More Batteries

Introduction: Baby Bouncer USB Powered No More Batteries

So I got tired of buy batteries for my daughters
Favorite sleeper so I made it USB powered
So I can plug almost anywhere

Step 1: Step 1 Get the Bouncer

So buy the bouncer or if you are like us get one at your baby shower

Step 2: Step 2

Open battery cover find out what you have to do only to of the pins in my bouncer are power the other ones are just cross connectors

Step 3: Step 3

Get USB cable and cut the end that you will not use (the part that fits in ISP port stays do not cut that side )

Step 4: Find Pins and Attach Wires

Attach wires to positive and negative sides should look like this

Step 5: Run Wire

Run wire out the side

Step 6: Close Lid

Close lid and place screw tight

Step 7: USB Powered

Now you are USB powered

Step 8: Plug in to Power Source

Like a laptop , ps3 , Xbox iPhone chargers any USB that has power thru it

Step 9: Turn on

Turn on

Step 10: Done

That's it

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