Bubble World Ball Pit

Introduction: Bubble World Ball Pit

What child doesn't love playing in a ball pit? Instead of going to the local "Chuck E Cheese" why not have your own in the playroom? All you need is an inflatable kiddie pool and plastic balls.

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Step 1: Inflate Pool

Inflate your kiddie pool

For one or two toddlers a good size pool is 48" x 10".
With more children or older children look for a larger size.

Step 2: Add Plastic Balls

Add plastic balls to the inflated pool

The balls come in a bag of 100 which will cover the bottom of the pool if you want to fill the pool buy 2 or 3 bags and continue to fill as you wish.

Step 3: Enjoy!

Your child will enjoy hours of fun in their very own ball pit!

You can find all the supplies you need at your local toy store or hardware store (depending on the season). Your best bet would be to check online at Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc.
One bag of 100 balls fills the pool quite nicely but feel free to add as many as you'd like!

After collecting all your items it should take less than 20 minutes to complete this setup.

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