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We had to create banner holders to hold banners for Vacation Bible School.  The cheapest ones we found on the internet were about $70 each, so we had to find an alternative solution.    We decided upon an "H" pattern of 1 inch diameter PVC for the base.  In the middle of the "H" base, we put a "T" connector with a vertical 5 foot piece of 1 inch diameter PVC.  The banner holder was attached to the top of this with a "T" connector and 1 inch PVC.  

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Step 1: Materials

15 feet of 1 inch diameter PVC
4 1 inch PVC "T" connectors
PVC glue
Plastic spray paint
2 1 inch PVC end caps
30 inches of 3/8 inch diameter wood dowel

Step 2: Preparation

Using a hacksaw, cut 4 16 inch pieces of 1 inch diameter PVC
Cut 4 12 inch pieces of 1 inch diameter PVC
Cut 1 60 inch piece of 1 inch diamter PVC

Assemble the pieces as indicated in the diagram.  I only glued the PVC pieces on the non "T" part of the connectors for easy diassembly and storage. Put the end caps on the top horizontal end pieces of PVC. 

Step 3: Paint Then Attach Banner

Once assembled, paint the PVC with plastic spray paint.  Then hang the banner.  I attached the top of the banner with electronic wire ties.  I attached a 3/8 inch dowel with plastic wire ties to the bottom of the banner to allow gravity to keep the banner nice and taut. 

Step 4: Place Banner

Put the finished banner where it will have the most effect.

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7 years ago on Introduction

Excellent build; the finished product looks very professional. No criticism intended; I'm a compulsive proofreader: the correct spelling you want here is "taut" not "taught."


Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

Thanks for the "taut" find. I fixed it. You might have to refresh your browser to see the change.


8 years ago on Introduction

Nice project, keep up the good work!