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In this video I will show you how to make a beautiful birthday greeting card. This greeting card idea is super simple and easy to make in very little time. A birthday greeting card is a wonderful way to show someone appreciation and love. You can make the moment more personal and meaningful with a birthday card DIY. Save your money for a gift by making use of this DIY birthday card idea. This triple pink roses birthday card is one of the most popular birthday card idea currently. Click on the subscribe button for many more birthday greeting card idea and beautiful greeting card for other occasions.

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Step 1: Fold Card and Paste

Fold white cardstock and paste purple cardstock on the cover.

See video for full details.

Step 2: Trace Heart Shape

Use a heart shaped template, trace the heart onto the purple cardstock.

See video for full details.

Step 3: Make Rose

Cut circles to different sizes, cut swirl, then roll it together. When released a rose is formed.

See video for full details.

Step 4: Paste Roses

Paste roses onto to card using the heart shape as a guide.

See video for full details.

Step 5: Complete

See video for full details.

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