Bed Prism




                                    The following instructions are short, but require patience.
       These glasses are going to project the image that is 90 degrees from your eyes.
 The design is simple and a bit messy, but these spectacles work. They can help someone read while laying down and       inclusively watch t.v.

1. Gather materials.
     a. Two 3 in x 6.7 cm mirrors
     b. Super glue or industrial glue( hard to get a hold of).
     c. Glasses frame.
     d. Two jumbo paper clips.

2. Straighten out both paper clips.

3. Hook both onto one mirror.

4. Bend the paper clips so that the angle in between the mirrors are 64 degrees.

5. Glue both of the paper clips onto thee back of one mirror. The first layer of glue should be spread out to establish a secure bond. After first layer is dried put add a second one.

6. Glue the other mirror make sure the degrees are close.

7. Glue the glasses frame to edge of the Mirrors. You can either keep the sunglasses original lenses or take them off. The degree between the mirror and frame should be at 100 degrees.

8. If you want o apply paint over the glue to take away the tackiness, then do so.
9. Good Luck :D



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    4 years ago

    Taking laziness to a whole new level of the bunk bed