Bike Hub Wall Hook

Introduction: Bike Hub Wall Hook

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It's a simple way to recycle an old bike hub into a wall hook. I just disassemble the axle and fasten the hub body with a single screw into the wall.

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    KanPo Studios
    KanPo Studios

    4 years ago

    Thank you Nottingkool. Simple yet powerful. Will consider this project hook up for my carved cane collection. That hub is also giving me some ideas from an old design Im working on.

    Im working out a design project involving The Terminator T-800 endoskeleton arm. No way I'm paying $3,000 bucks for a replica.

    Talked with some car mechanics and they say an average car has thousands of metals I could use.

    Looking at your hub project, for sure qualifies as metal parts inventory.

    Thanks again for sharing your instructable with the world.