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I needed a bike rack and came up with this. This was a fun project and it works really well. I use it consistently. The Process of figuring out how to make the hands was great and would consider making some coat hangers that are similar.

If you like my work, feel free to check out my Weekly projects over on the ol' youtube :)

Step 1: Tools Needed.

Band saw

Hand saw

Sand paper (Bench top sander is easier for some parts, but not necessary)

Table saw

Dowels x 12




2 Keyhole hangers

Pocket hole jig, or something to make sure the dowels are going in straight

Step 2: Starting With the Hands

I used two chunks of wood for the hands

Wood size: 3.5" x 3.5" X 5.5'

-After drawing out the shape, cut the spaces between the fingers at about 5-6mm each on the bandsaw

Step 3:

-Cut out the side profile of the hand, make sure to measure your bike and make the area that holds the frame 1/8" - 1/4" bigger then the top bar of the bike frame.

-The second step I missed in the video and it involves cutting away the rest of the palm besides the thumb, you can do this with a hand saw

Step 4: Finishing

Basically sand everything down to 220 grit and use whatever finish you like. I used a Poly Finish

-use a thin piece of wood wrapped in sand paper to smooth out between the fingers.

-use a rounded piece of wood to sand between the thumb and the fingers

Step 5: The Wall Mount

The wall mount is made with wood that I had laying around.

Back panel: 9" x 9"

Horizontal piece: 6" x 11.5" Its important to make sure the bike is far enough away from the wall so the pedals don't hit the wall. The 6" plus the depth of the hand made the bike sit 8" off the wall.

I used a pocket hole jig by milescraft to get the dowel holes in the right place.

**If I were to do this again I would have made the back panel a at least a bit thicker.

Step 6: Mounting the Hands

Mount the hands using the pocket hole jig and dowels.

Do some extra measurements here because the last thing you want is for the hands to be a little off.

Step 7: Hanging

I wanted the mount to lay flush against the wall so I embed two Keyhole Hangers, one on the top and one on the bottom.

Step 8: Finished

I added a little support, just for some security.

And we're done!

Step 9:

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    27 Discussions


    Question 1 day ago

    What type of wood for the hands did you use? Doesn't look like 4x4 lumber at big box stores which are usually pressure treated.

    You make it look so easy, thanks. I wonder about turning that shelf that gaps the bike away from the wall into a drawer or stuff box to hold bike gloves or other essentials that you take on a ride. I think one of those hands could hold a helmet.

    1 reply

    Yeah that would be very handy, because at this point I can really only store my bike light and keys up there.


    3 days ago

    Very simple, very clean. I like it a lot, so I voted for it.

    My wood working skills are woefully inadequate, but I do have access to a CNC router, so I might give that a go ... :-)

    1 reply
    Johnny WikkAlpha_geek

    Reply 1 day ago

    Oh yeah, Id love to see an CNC version of this :) Keep me posted on that!


    3 days ago

    Clever design, looks great. I'm pretty sure a version of this will be added to the tool wall in my shop for holding a sledge hammer or two...

    1 reply

    I used the budget ryobi one because that is all I had I designed the hands that size because I could fit nothing larger through the saw :)

    Johnny WikkMichaelV232

    Reply 1 day ago

    That is a very good question. This design is a bit under-built but I have been hanging my bike on it every day so that is good. I think if the back board was a 1/2" thicker it could support alot more, but then again, it just ned to support a bike.


    3 days ago

    That’s 5.5” not 5.5’ I think for the block lengths. Need to buy me some tomorrow at HD. This is much sweeter than that ugly grey metal fold-down hook attached to my garage wall that I got from Kmart before they went out of business. I plan to build one.