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Introduction: Bioshock Bunny Mask

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In this instructable i will show you how i made the bunny splicer mask from Bioshock

Step 1: Materials

- A cast of your face to make the mask as accurate as possible (see other guides for this)

- A modeling surface, (used a cheap foam-head i bought off ebay)

- Clay, i use this play-doh like clay since its very easy to form, any clay will work

- Sculpting tools/hands(i almost always use my hands)

- Steel wire (for holding up the ears)

- Paper mache

- Wood glue

- Hot glue gun

- Marker

- Paint

Step 2: Plaster Mask

You can skip this step by measuring from temple to temple to get an approximate size of the mask, but i wanted a mask that fit perfectly.

I made this to fit my girlfriend so we first made a plaster mask of her face, i then pushed the clay inside the plaster to get a accurate copy of her face.

There are a lot of guides on plaster masks, so i wont cover that here.

Step 3: Reference

Using reference pictures off the mask from the internet, and the official one i made an approximate guess of the size.

I based the mask width on the distance between the temples.

I then removed any excess material, like where the mask if broken off etc.

I then started to mold the face with the clay just to get the basic shape of the mask.

Step 4: Finishing the Shape and Ears

I sculpted the ears before attaching them to the head to get the shape and size correct.

I tried to catch the shape of the ears as accurately as possible (the ears are really thin at the bottom so they do not stand up really well)

Decided to bend some steel wire in an U shape pressing in down in the foam-head to support the ears.

(ran out of steel wire that is why there is tinfoil behind one ear)

The whole shape of the mask should now be complete.

Also note the slight bend in the ears, and my daughters pink car

Step 5: Copying the Clay Mask

Covered the whole mask in a thin layer of paper mache, as thin and as even as possible to catch most of the details, i used several layers over 3 days to make the mask, one layer takes around 8 hours to set.

sorry but i forgot to take a picture of this step

Step 6: Details

For the details of the mask, the swirly patters etc i just used a marker to draw them on the mask, then with the glue gun i applied a thin layer of glue to make the swirls stand out.

This step takes a steady hand and a lot of patience

For paint i just painted it all black first, then went over with white giving it a old worn look, then i painted the details in gold

Congratulations you just made your mask :)

I will post a splicer hook tutorial really soon so stay tuned.

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    3 years ago

    Super cool! Love how you made the ears!

    Devoid Art
    Devoid Art

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you, glad you liked it ;D