Blackberries Cake

Introduction: Blackberries Cake

Here, in Brazil's southeast, during the spring, that starts

in september, our weather reaches about 30° Celsius.

So, a calorie cake may not be agreeable. Chantilly cream, marshmallow or other kinds of confectionery can be too heavy. So, as I have a blackberry tree in my garden, I made a cake without milk in the batter, decorating with homemade blackberry jam and fresh blackberries, and sprinkled it with sugar.

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Step 1: Recipe

The cake was made with a simple recipe that I aways use.

You'll need:

6 eggs

400 g of sugar

65 mL of soy oil

390 g of wheat flour

1 soup spoon of chemical yeast

250 mL of whater

Step 2: Confection

To confect, I divided the cake in 3 layers and filled with

the jam. Then, I covered the whole cake with the jam and putted some blackberries over it. After all, sprinkled some sugar to make it sweet.

Then, the cake was ready.

I hope you enjoy.

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    3 years ago

    There's nothing better than fresh berries. This looks good!