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So... you want to make some bead earrings? Grab some jewelry wire, beads and your pliers and follow along.


  • jewelry wire
  • beads
  • earring hooks
  • small pliers

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Step 1: Create Your First Loop

Cut a length of 12 inches (approx 30 cm) of wire. Now string 5 beads to the center of your wire. Take the last bead on your left side, and string the right side wire through it in the opposite direction. Pull both ends of wire tight to form a little 5 petaled flower.

Step 2: Create Your 2nd Loop and Beyond......

Being it your second loop, you will only need 4 beads (the fifth bead is part of the first flower you made). String 2 beads on each side of your 1st little flower. Holding the last bead on the left side, take the right side wire and string it through that bead. Pull tight. The second loop is a little difficult. The wire seems to go the opposite direction. So take this one slow and maybe form the flower with the help of you pliers. You should have two little flowers.

Step 3: Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat.......

Now repeat step two over and over and over again. In the photos, the step was repeated 7 times (not counting the first flower). Basically... add 2 beads to each side. Pull the left side bead out and taking the right side wire, thread through that bead. Pull. Start again... and again... and again.

Step 4: The Last Link

You have now a long circle-y chain of flowers Thread one bead onto the left side wire. Now take the opposite end of your flower chain and thread the same wire through a bead on the first flower you created. Pull through tight. Thread 2 beads on the left wire and 1 bead on the right wire. Taking the right wire, thread it through the last bead on the left wire and pull tight. This will make a continuous circle of little flowers!

Step 5: Add a Flower on Top

Lets add a flower on top just for fun. Thread 2 beads on each wire. Hold both beads on the left side and string the right side wire through both beads. Now do the same to the other side. Hold both beads on the right side and string the left side wire through both beads. Pull tight.

Step 6: Let Us Tie Off the Wires

Take the remaining wire and twist it around and around a bare spot below. I anchored mine onto the previous flower. Twist tightly at least 3 times and cut the extra wire as short as possible. Then, taking your pliers, pinch the remaining wire down so you don't stab your face. Repeat this step on the other side.

Step 7: Hook It

Add your hook evenly between the beads at the top. You are done! Now wear it proud.... or give it to someone.

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7 Discussions

Renarde RousseMauraO

Reply 3 years ago

Let me know if the directions were clear enough. A bit confusing the first time around. But, it is a breeze to do the second pair. Post a picture when you have finished.


3 years ago

Finally steps( & not a video). for my snail-like self! Thankyou. This is going on my desktop


3 years ago

Ahhh, those are too cool for words. :) What gauge jewelry wire did you use? I need to make some of these tonight! Thank you so much for sharing!

1 reply
Renarde RousseCairnz

Reply 3 years ago

I used 26g wire. The beads were anywhere from 2mm - 3mm in size. Make them and post a pic!


3 years ago

Beautiful and
original. Love it!)) I have got to try
this! I think it will be very good gift to my sister on her birthay. She likes accessories, espessially earrings)

1 reply
Renarde Rousseanyany

Reply 3 years ago

I'm glad you like them. Might be a little confusing at first, but they are really so simple and you need hardly anything to make them. Go for it, and post a picture.