Bone Stone Grave Marker

About: I enjoy a variety of things. I'm an active volunteer since November of 2010 at Bunnyluv Rabbit Resource Center in Van Nuys, CA where I help care for the shelter and boarding bunnies. I love working with them...

I used a old styrofoam cooler, 2 styrofoam skulls from Michael's, a wooden sun medallion (also from Michael's), Great Stuff expanding foam, Stone White paint and black spraypaint. I glued the skulls together using woodglue then glued them to the "top" of the cooler. All told the whole thing took about 10 minutes to assemble and about an hour to wait for the paint to dry. (It helps that it was 103 out that day.)



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    It's funny. I found the cooler on the side of the road one day and had been holding onto it for nearly a year. I just picked up a new one from Rite Aid for 1.99 since it was on clearance and the last one. They normally run for 4.99!

    Omg - I totally do that too! Sometimes I look at all the random pieces of nothing that I have acquired over time and have a different project in mind for each one - that I haven't had the time or inspiration to get started on yet because I always have a few projects going - and worry that I will suddenly find myself on that Hoarders show... ugh... it could totally happen :( It's just so hard to pass up a good upcycling piece!! :)