Book Holder : Using Old Keyboards

Introduction: Book Holder : Using Old Keyboards

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As the quote says "Necessity is the mother of invention", the Book holder idea came into my mind when i tried to read books and at the same time had to work in my laptop. The process was too stressful for my neck so, on a Sunday morning i decided to make my own book holder. A little bit of search in my room's scrapyard , i came up with making it using old keyboard casing from my old project . This is a simple but yet helpful DIY to make your own book holder. You can make it using any old keyboards. I used only two keyboards and some screws (also the ones of those keyboards i have scavenge). I have provided all the steps i have gone through to build it. Wish you will enjoy the steps and make your own Book Holder.

So Lets begin.....

Step 1: The Parts and the Tools Required

Parts required :

1. Two old keyboard back panels (In my case second one has a flat back).

2. Six screws (Four for the stands and two for the bottom support)

and we are done with the parts .. Seriously we need nothing more ...!

Tools required :

1. A hacksaw (or anything that can easily cut throw the plastic panel).

2 . A soldering iron (to make screw holes , you can use taps).

3. A Wire stripper (Diagonal pliers would be best )

4. Strong glue

5. A Screw driver

6. A marker and a Ruler.

Step 2: Making the Panel

Now the process begins ...

First of all we need to figure out how large we required our holder to be . I measured it and marked it with a marker , as you can see in the pictures. And used a hacksaw blade to cut the two parts apart from the main frame from both the side of the panel. The cut out piece will serve as supporting stands for the book holder .

Now we have to rip off the unnecessary stand offs from the panel . I have used the wire stripper to trim off the unnecessary heights from the panel. Remove as much unnecessary things from the panel , this will help us keep the book smoothly on the panel.

After that our panel is ready .

Step 3: Making the Stands

Making the stands is again a very simple step. The left out pieces from the earlier step are used to make the stands. I have marked the unnecessary part in the stands that we don't required , but is very useful in other projects so i decided to cut them out. You can skip this step if you decide to keep them . But in my case i am going to use them in other projects.

I used the hacksaw and the soldering iron to cut and melt the plastic to remove the parts . And used a knife(borrowed from my wall-mate) and a sandpaper to smoothened the edges.

Now our stands are done.. Lets jump to next step to attach the stands to the panel...

Step 4: Attach the Stands With the Panel

i have used the upper side of the stands where i have no cuts.

First we have to remove extra stand off if present in the stands' upper side . This is done so that it sticks perfectly with the panel. I use the hacksaw to rip them off from the stands.

Now we have to mark the holes in our stands , we already have a hole present in the stand and we will used this and mark another point on the other edge to make the hole in the stand. Repeat the process for the other stand too and mark the points for the holes.

Now i have used the soldering iron to make holes in both the stands , just enough to fit the screw firmly though it.

Place the stand on the back of the panel as shown in the pictures and make the necessary angle required to hold the book and mark with the marker through the holes where to screw the screws .

Now as before my soldering iron comes into action and makes the holes for me in the places i have marked .

I found the best way of doing this was making a hole first and screwing it with the stand and making the other hole in the panel with the iron . This make the hole perfectly align and the stands in equal angles on both the ends.

Now to screw the two things up with four screws . Use a screw driver to screw them up.

At this portion the book holder stands up in its own feet.

Step 5: Adding Extra Support and Holder Space

The stand is almost done. but the its weak now , if we put a book over it the stands falls down and the bottom portion is too short to hold a book . This is the place where we will call our other keyboard to save our day.

I placed the small keyboard with black back panel in bottom of the holder and mark the points to make holes to screw the upper panel with the panel. And again our all time rescuer The Mighty Soldering Iron comes in action and makes the holes. The screw are fitted and tightened and some glue is applied to make the joints stronger ..

And its done , now the testing phase ....

Step 6: Impact and Photoshots.

And here is the impact phase...

As you can see it is standing quite smoothly and firmly. It can hold the big fat books too thanks to the bottom support. And it working well with every size of books . And it looks quite good too.

So here were the steps i used to make my own book holder. Go and make your own and have some fun..

Meet you in next project till then stay creative , break-make-learn and have fun...

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