Boom Boom Clock Bomb Prop



Introduction: Boom Boom Clock Bomb Prop

HI, this is my first ever instructable, I made a prop bomb clock, out of some junk i had laying around the house mostly. Hope you like it. 

Step 1: Materials

Plastic cube-like shaped water container
Black, Red, and silver spray paint
Duct tape
Black cable tape
Cotton stuffing
A dvd case
Cardboard paper towel tubes
Some small cables (I used one from some old headphones)
Flammable symbol stencil
Clock kit
Super glue
Boxcutter knife

Step 2: Paint Job

First thing I did was to paint, the water container, I used black paint as base, a light red paint on top and i finished it with a light silver paint to finish it.  I painted 4 screws that will function as number references. After paint is dry on container you may use an stencil to paint whatever flammable design on it.

Step 3: Prep

I cut the dvd case and only left the round area which is going to be used as the clock background it self, i used a the dremmel tool to smoothen the edges and later painted it silver.

Next thing is preparing the dinamite looking parts, I used an paper towel tube and filled it with cotton filling and convered the tube with duct tape. Then I painted it red. I made three of these tubes and put them together with black cable tape.

Step 4: Assembly

First use a dremmel tool to make a hole under the container  in which you can place the clock through. Now place the dvd case prevously modified on the front the container and screw it with the prevous painted screws, having in mind they have to be placed at 12, 3,6,9 o'clock. Now drill a hole through the center of the disk so you can place the clock kit through it. after that take your clock kit and superglue it on the inside of the container, for cosmetic reasons i glued a  small metal disk around the hole in wich the clock hands are going to spin.  After the glue dries-up you may assemble the clock hands. You now may put the dinamite prop on the container, sticking some small pieces of velcro on dinamite pro and container. Use some cable just to make it more realistic. 

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