Branch Coatrack




Introduction: Branch Coatrack

How to make a hanging coatrack out of a branch.

You will need:
1 big branch
spray paint in desired colour
2 pieces of chain in desired colour
2 ceiling hooks
2 wall plugs

Step 1: Preparing the Branch

Prepare your branch by cutting off the bark. We used a Swiss army knife for this. Then cut the branch to the desired length using a handsaw.

Spray paint the resulting naked branches in the desired colour. It will take about three coats to achieve an even finish.

Step 2: Wrap the Chain Around the Branch

Next we placed two white chains about 15 cm inwards from both ends of the branch. It was important to wrap the chains around the branch at least twice to keep them secure in their place.

Step 3: Fasten Coatrack Onto Ceiling

To fasten the construction onto the ceiling, we installed two simple white hooks. First drill two small holes in the ceiling where the coatrack should be hung. Then use a hammer to insert a wall plug into each hole. Now you can screw in the hooks by hand.  Finally, hang the chains on the hooks in the desired height.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

You could pinch any surplus chain links off or even hide the chain behind some pretty ribbon. We just left the rest of the chain dangling there.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    My apartment is so small ! I got 180 sq ft ! If I unfold a double futon I got nowhere to walk ! I added 27 sq ft of space to sleep in by building a double loft bed ! I have a 10 ft ceiling and a lot of that space is wasted by being empty.
    Your project has inspired me to do more with what space I have.