Build Night Boston at the Flagship Computer Clubhouse, Boston Museum of Science [Part 2]



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"For the main event of Build Night Boston at the Flagship Computer Clubhouse, we had a great turnout. Many people showed up interested in creating something with the LED's that we were provided from Instructables. We completed our "FLAGSHIP" sign along with smaller projects like greeting cards. On our blog there are pictures depicting the happenings of the night. It shows the fun and great time everyone had using the LED's and expresses the general mood of the Clubhouse, one that is fun and free where people work collaboratively to create creative projects. Overall, with the supplies provided the Build Night event was a huge success."

- Hody, 17, Clubhouse Teen Intern

The following post shows how we made each letter.


Step 1: Make a Circuit

This picture is of the preliminary template of the circuit in which LED's will be attached later.

We used copper tape to make parallel circuits.

Step 2: Add LEDs

Make sure they work, and check for brightness. We used sewing needles to make the holes through the cardboard.

Step 3: Light It Up!!

To make the lights light up, we used two coin cell batteries. We also created a battery 'pouch' that anyone could easily change (as a switch), helping us activate/turn on the circuit when we wanted it to work.



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