Buzz Wire Game

Introduction: Buzz Wire Game

This is a simple game, it can be challenging one and also need lot of concentration and focus. It can be interesting to play with competitors. You can make your own one from scrap wire, wooden plank, and use battery. What you need extra thing is buzzer or any other device to notify the touch of two wires. Needs simple circuit that is wire from positive terminal and buzzer from negative and then make a ring and enjoy the game.

Step 1: Items and Tools Required

Main items required to make Buzz wire game are listed below:

1) Wire (Without insulation)

2) Battery

3) Some wooden plank

4) Buzzer

Tools required are:

1) Pliers to bend the wire into required form

2) Snip to cut some metal or GI sheet (i.e. good conductor of electricity)

3) Rip Saw to make a battery holder

4) Hammer

Step 2: Battery Holder Bending and Connecting

Bend the wire (Either copper or steel) in the form in which you want to create. You can make a shape of first alphabet of your name. Strip the wire from buzzer for connection.

Also take a wooden, I take a piece of wood from scrap and cut it to 50 cm long and it has T like shape. Make a slot 2 mm larger than length of battery. To make a slot at first cut two lining as in image and then use wooden chisel to part it out. In my case, it is 4.9 cm. Extra 2 mm for metal strip which acts like spring and have a better grip on battery. These small strip are used to exclude soldering. Then make a small hole using drill but I make it using nail by first punching and then removing it. These holes are used to support the Path you have created.

Connection is simple and it is shown in diagram and image of connection part is also included. Use nail to hold those metal strip which are connecting terminal.

Step 3: Tips and Video

While using copper wire don't forget to remove its polished insulation. You can make any shape.

Important one if you want to make it for children then you can use some jingle bell speaker from old toy. Also you can solder connection. Which results good finishing of product.

Thank You for your time.

Here is the video. I am also playing it first time.

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    do yo insulate the ring wire where you would hold it?....else if you hold the bear wire and complete the circuit by failing at the game the electricity from the battery can flow thru you giving you a shock....ala sticking a 9v battery on your tongue.

    Tanka G
    Tanka G

    Reply 4 years ago

    Oh thank you rajmchavda . After you asked, I did it accidentally (But not Consciously) as there is polished insulation but not any preventive measures. I will Edit it within some days.