Cajun Rice and Gravy! Pork and Sausage



Introduction: Cajun Rice and Gravy! Pork and Sausage

Pork that melts in your mouth after cooking for a long time at a low heat. This meal is extremely flavorful and really goes a long way for the price! Please check out the video to see how to make it. Enjoy!!

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Step 1: Brown the Meat in a Heavy Pot

Brown the meat and sausage, once browned, add onions and let them caramelize. Add water to deglaze the pot and get all those taste goodies off the bottom, this is what makes your gravy!

Step 2: Add Water and Let Cook

Once you add water and stir, the gravy should be a darker color. Add seasoning (not too much because you will season to taste later)

Let cook on Medium Low to Medium (you want to hold a simmer) for about 1-2 hours depending on how tender you want the pork.

Season to taste after an hour. Remove lid and let some water boil out to get the right amount of gravy .

Step 3: The Best Part - Serve and Eat

Cook rice in a rice cooker or check out my video on stove top rice: Stove top rice

Server over rice and enjoy this delicious meal!!!

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