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The gravity and the third law of Newton's movement

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The candle moves because there is a change in mass.

Every time a drop falls, the whole thing is unbalanced.

When the candle burns, it loses its mass and the wax is converted into carbon dioxide and water vapor.

The force of the dripping wax produces a reaction equal to the thrust in the opposite direction.

The play of forces causes the displacement of the candle and the maintenance of the movement.

How to make a candle swing ?

Step 1: How to Make a Candle Swing ?

You will need:

  • A candle
  • A clamp
  • A sewing needle
  • A lighter
  • Two glasses
  • Use a glass plate or a tile ( Do not put the fire)

This video is only for entertainment purposes.
If you want to test this experiences you assume responsibility for the results. You Have fun, but you must always think ahead, remember that this is YOUR OWN RISK.

Step 2: Piercing the Candle

Pinch the needle with the pliers.

Then find the point of equilibrium, placing the needle under the candle.

Once the balance point find, make a mark on the candle.

With your lighter, heat the needle and pierce the candle.

The needle must be perpendicular to the candle.

Step 3: Light Up Your Candle Swing

Take the two glasses.

Lay each side of the needle on each of the glass.

It must be free to move.

Light up the heaviest side first.

Then when the set is almost balanced, light up on the other side

You can now watch !

Really cool ! isn't it ?

WARNING : Careful not to leave unattended

Pretty cool ! Is not it?
I hope you enjoyed this instructable.

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