Candy Corn Jellies




Introduction: Candy Corn Jellies

What's more halloween than candy corn!

Create your own with the following:
shot sized solo cups
orange jello
lemon jello
whipped topping
non-stick spray

You can use small or large boxes of jello depending on how many you want to make. I made about 24 with a 3oz box of each.

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Step 1: Grease 'em Up

Spray cups with non-stick spray.

Step 2: Fill 'em

Mix up a batch of orange jello
Fill cups 3/4 full.
Allow to cool in the fridge for 2-3 hours or until "kinda" firm.
Mix up a batch of lemon jello
Finish filling the cups.
Allow to set up in the fridge overnight.

Step 3: Pop 'em Out

Pop the jellies out of the cups carefully using a metal skewer or other thin item to assist if needed.

Step 4: Top 'em

Top with whipped cream.

Step 5:


Note: for all you "of-age" folks out there, you can use a jello shot recipe to enhance this one ; )

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