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1. You’ll need a Styrofoam wreath (ours is 16 in.), black duct tape, a hot-glue gun, a wide ribbon and candy corn (we used Brach’s).

2. Cover the wreath in tape.

3. To get a sense of how the corns will fit, lay them around the wreath in single rows, with one row pointing left and the next pointing right, but don’t glue down. (It won’t take long and your final product will be more polished.) Remove the corn from the wreath and hot-glue the pieces in the pattern one at a time, starting from the outer edge of the wreath inward, until you’ve covered the entire top and side.

4. Repeat the process in the center, starting at the same point as you did for the top so that you can cover any corn-free space with the ribbon when you’re finished.

5. Wrap ribbon through the wreath at the candy corn seam, tie into a bow and hang on a sturdy wall hook.

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1 year ago

Approximately how many oz/pounds of candy corn did you use for the 16" wreath form?


6 years ago on Introduction

I am not a huge wreath lover but this is so cute and tasteful. I would definitely hang it on my door. Very nicely done!

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